Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking refers to the removal of the SIM lock place on a handset which restricts the use of the phone to one particular network carrier. Unlocking an iPhone removes this SIM lock and enables an iPhone to be used on any GSM network, anywhere in the world.
Unlocking your iPhone has many benefits. Apart from the obvious benefit of being able to use your device on any network and therefore have more control over your spending, unlocking can also raise the resale value of your handset by as much as 100%. If you travel overseas, you can use a local SIM card in an unlocked handset and avoid expensive roaming charges from your provider back home.
As the majority of owners already know, most iPhones are sold as "SIM locked". This lock restricts the use of the phone to one particular network carrier, a common practice with subsidised GSM phones. Unlike most GSM phones however, the iPhone cannot be unlocked by entering a simple unlock code. The locked/unlocked state of an iPhone is maintained on Apple’s server, is controlled via the IMEI number (international mobile station equipment identity) and set when the iPhone is activated. Through our unique ability to access Apple's servers directly, we are able to offer our customers official or factory IMEI unlocks, identical to those provided by the networks themselves. Our unlocks are permanent, will not void your iPhones manufacturer warranty and work with any level of firmware or baseband version. You can safely upgrade your iPhones iOS now, or at anytime in the future, with no fear of your iPhone re-locking (unlike any other iPhone unlocking method currently available on the market).

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